Summer Bliss Ends…The New School Year Begins

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Summer bliss has ended. In my neck of the woods, the new school year begins on Monday. To all those who fight the good fight trying to educate and nurture children here’s a little teaching humor.

2 Comments on “Summer Bliss Ends…The New School Year Begins”

  1. I just laughed so loud! I just finished college and received my first teaching job. I’ve student taught before and can attest to the accuracy of these memes. I am nervous but very excited. Only prayer, your books and the occasional glass of wine can get me through this. Thanks for being awesome!

    1. Thank you. I’m sure you’ll love teaching, but the real life job never fits what they taught you in college. I laugh because I see three kids at a time in a room with another speech therapist who also has three kids she’s working with. My professors told me that I should work one on one with a kid in a quiet distraction free environment. So not the real world. LOL. Good luck and thank you for liking my books.

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