Pre-Release Day Jitters for Fanning the Flames-Muppet gifs

ChrisDragons, YA

Fanning the Flames, the fourth book in my shape-shifting dragon series, comes out March 6th. Allow me to explain what an author feels like the day before her book releases through Muppet Gifs.

Oh, my God. My book comes out tomorrow.

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What if no one buys the book?

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What if they buy the book and they think it sucks? Holy Crap. What if it does suck?

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No. I won’t think like that. It doesn’t suck. At least I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. Deep breaths. Time to relax. It will all be okay. Maybe I just need to eat a cookie.

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There you go. That’s what is going through my brain the day before Fanning the Flames comes out. If you’d like to check out the book, you can find it here along with the first three books in the Going Down In Flames series.