Happy St. Patrick’s Day Dogs

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While I don’t dress my dogs, I do enjoy pictures of other peoples furry beasts wearing costumes. Here’s a look at some dogs sporting fabulous St. Patrick’s Day finery.

Inside an Author’s Brain

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What’s it like inside an author’s brain? Allow me to share a glimpse into the chaotic creative process of writing. It’s been a busy couple of months for my brain, but in a good way. The Dating Debate came out February 5th. Leading up to the release I was writing promotional posts for blogs, creating teasers, and worrying about a … Read More

Sunday Funnies


Good morning and happy Sunday. Today I’m sharing some Sunday Funnies that made me smile. I hope you have a great day.

Happy Valentine’s Day : Fandom Valentines


Happy Valentine’s Day. Whether you view Valentine’s Day as a day to spend with a special someone or a day to justify chocolate consumption I hope you have a great day. Here are some funny fandom Valentines. I hope they make you smile.

Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Random Humor

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It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Random Humor Edition. Congratulations! You’ve made it to the halfway point. It’s two days until the weekend. Here’s some random humor to help you get through the rest of the day.

Make Me Laugh Wednesday: The Dating Debate


It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday, so I’m sharing a few snippets from The Dating Debate. *** β€œIt’s such a nice night. Do you want to walk past the shops?” God, no. Maybe I should have come up with a suggestion. Downtown was full of shops that sold antiques and little glass figurines that served no purpose on the planet except … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Winter humor


It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday. Today I’m sharing some Winter humor even though most of us aren’t finding the negative wind chills and/or snow very much fun. Keep warm and have a great week.

The Dating Debate Up on Goodreads

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I’m excited that The Dating Debate is up on Goodreads. So if you wanted to add it to your want to read list that would be awesome. Here’s an excerpt. I hope it makes you smile. Later that night, I sat reading on the couch, when Gidget came over to join me. And by join me, I mean she wedged … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Cooking Humor

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It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday. Here’s a little Cooking Humor to start your day. And no, I have no idea what I’m making for dinner tonight…except maybe a phone call for carry out. Have a great day.  

Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Winter Sucks


It’s eleven degrees with a wind chill of four in Southern Illinois. Winter Sucks, so I’m sharing some winter humor. I hope these make you smile. Happy Hump day.

Sunday Family Funday


Today, is the first of my family Christmas celebrations, which I am calling Family Funday. My mother’s side of the family comes to celebrate a weekend early because it’s impossible for everyone to get together on Christmas day any more. My mom’s brother and his wife and children and all of their grandchildren travel over the river (seriously…they drive across … Read More