Sunday Funday Plan

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I hope you all have a fun Sunday planned. I plan to go shopping with my mom and sister which means I’m going to window shop and laugh and eat lunch. My sister plans to try on pants. If you hear random curse words floating over the midwest, that’s probably her since I’m pretty sure pants shopping is one of … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Pinterest Fails

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Pinterest is a double edged sword. It’s a magical place where you can find fun, creative ideas which in theory should work. However, most of the time they turn out like these Thanksgiving themed Pinterest fails below. Have you ever had success with a Pinterest idea?

Sunday Funday


I hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday Funday. I’ll be baking turkey shaped sugar cookies with my mother today. Which means we’ll start out trying to make them look nice and they’ll end up looking slightly deranged. As long as they taste good that’s all that really matters. Happy Sunday Funday.    

Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Midweek Mayhem


It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday: the Midweek Mayhem Edition. Congratulations, you’ve made it to midweek. We can survive this mayhem if we keep moving forward. I hope these funny quotes make you smile.  

Here Come the Holidays


Here come the holidays. First it’s Halloween…and then you blink and it’s Thanksgiving. You yawn from all the turkey you snarfed down and then it’s Christmas. And then people start asking about your New Year’s Resolutions. My grandmother once told me that the older you get, the faster time flies. I totally understand that now. And it’s a bit frightening. … Read More

Good Morning: Inspirational Funny Quotes


Good Morning. Today I’m sharing some inspirational funny quotes that made me go hmmmm. Some are funny and some are profound. I hope you find one that makes you smile. Have a great day. If you have a favorite quote post it in the comments. One commenter will win an ebook of their choice.

Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Dog gifs


It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday. These gifs of dogs dressed in costumes made me smile. I love how you can tell that the two dogs below are staring at some sort of treat. Have a great day.   

Good Morning

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Good Morning.  Here’s some humor to start your day. I hope these make you smile. Have a great Sunday.