Sunday Snow

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We’ve had a beautiful yet slightly hazardous snow filled weekend. I managed to drive home from work Friday before the roads became too slick. Other people weren’t so fortunate. Highways were shut down and commutes went from one hour to two or more. We stayed inside all day Saturday. Today we ventured out to run a few errands and even … Read More

Sunday Funnies

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I hope you’re having a good weekend. Here are some Sunday funnies to make you smile. Have a great day.

Ready or Not Here Comes 2019

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I can’t believe it’s almost 2019. My grandmother once told me, the older you are the faster time flies. Now I understand what she meant. When trying to plan my writing schedule I see the year in chunks of months rather than weeks and days. Faking It will come out in March so February, March, and April will be full … Read More

Christmas Eve-Eve


It’s Christmas Eve-Eve which means everyone is checking last minute items off their to-do list. I planned on giving my nephews cash because they are too old for fun toys and too young to be excited about a new vacuum. There is one minor detail I forgot about giving cash…you have to actually go to the ATM and get it. … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday


It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday. Here are some random funnies. I hope they make you smile.

Christmas Cookie Conundrum


It’s that time of year when Christmas Carols are playing everywhere and the world seems a little brighter. It’s also that time of year when most people have a never-ending to do list running through their head. I like to manage all the unrealistic holiday expectations by eating large amounts of Christmas Cookies. After the holidays pass and my pants … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday


It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday. Here are some random funnies. I hope you have a great day.

Sunday Funday Afternoon


It’s Sunday Funday…or more accurately Sunday Funday Afternoon. I hope you have a great day.  

Going Down In Flames Available in Audio


I’m super excited to announce that Going Down In Flames is now available in Audio. You can check out the Audio sample here. Julie Niblett did an amazing job channeling Bryn’s sarcasm. She really made my dragons come to life.