Make Me Laugh Wednesday: HGTV Edition

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I enjoy HGTV but there are certain things about it that make me crazy. Not all countertops have to be marble. Textured ceilings are not the anti-christ. Not everyone wants a giant dining room for entertaining. Still it’s fun to see houses in other countries which I will never have a chance to visit. Here’s some HGTV humor. I hope … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday:Bring on the Caffeine

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It’s the week before spring break. All across the land children are sugared up on pre-easter jelly beans and teachers/speech therapists are sucking down caffeine trying to keep pace with the hyped up munchkins…or maybe that’s just me. Anyway, happy almost spring break. Here’s some coffee humor. I hope this post makes you smile. Have a great day.

Spring Sneezing

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I’m so happy it’s finally warm. Spring has finally sprung which means the sneezing has begun. I’ll take warm over cold any day, but since I’m allergic to almost all green things that grow…including grass…I have a love hate relationship with Spring. Thank goodness for allergy meds. Here’s hoping it’s warm where you are.

Monday Eve

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It’s 5pm on Sunday which mean’s we’ve pretty much reached Monday Eve. The time where I mentally tally up all the adulting type stuff I should have done but have not yet even started: Laundry, dusting, mopping, etc. As long as I have clean clothes for work tomorrow everything else is negotiable because books won’t read or write themselves. And … Read More

Sunday Funday

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It’s Sunday Funday. Do you have any fabulous plans? I’m going to a jewelry show at a local convention center with my mom and sister. This is really just an excuse to go out to lunch while avoiding housework. My sister might buy some earrings while we’re there. I’ll walk around and ooh and ahh at all the shiny pretties … Read More

Sunday Fun Day


Happy Sunday. I hope you have something fun planned for the day. I’m going to run to lunch with my parents and then run errands. I’ll be avoiding my house until my husband’s band practice is over. The music is great, but it’s LOUD. I’m not a fan of loud so I’ll be hanging around TJ Maxx and Target. Once … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday


So guess who forgot to post Make Me Laugh Wednesday this morning? So, here are some not necessarily nice but still funny memes. Have a great day.

After the Book Launch: 99% Faking It


Good Morning. Today I’m celebrating the successful book launch of 99% Faking It and wondering what I’m supposed to do now. Oh, wait…I know the answer to that. I’m supposed to write a new book. The problem is I’m not sure what to write next. There are dragons flying around in my brain and ideas for romantic comedies and then … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday


It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday. After a great release day for 99% Faking It I definitely have a smile on my face. Thank you to everyone who purchased a copy. ( If you’re more of a library person, you can call your local library and ask them to get a copy.) I hope these random funnies make you smile. Have … Read More

Book Release Jitters: #AuthorLife

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99% Faking It comes out tomorrow which means I am going through the #AuthorLife excitement/stress ritual. It goes something like this. Woo Hoo! My book comes out tomorrow. Which is quickly followed by the rush of self-doubt. What if it isn’t any good? This is followed by my husband reminding me that this is my tenth book. He claims I … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Workplace Humor


It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Workplace Humor Edition. Like most writers I have a job/career that pays the bills. Mine happens to be speech therapy. Like most people there are days where I like my job and days where I want to crawl under my desk and snarf down an entire box of Thin Mint cookies. Here’s a little humor … Read More

Umbrella Academy


Are you watching the Umbrella Academy? It’s quirky, funny, and unique. There were times where I had no idea what was going on, but I like how they dropped clues along the way so by the end you could put the pieces together. The quirky characters made me smile. I can’t wait for the second season.