Woo Hoo! & Thank You for Making Boomerang Boyfriend a Best Seller

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Woo Hoo! & Thank you to everyone who made Boomerang Boyfriend a best seller! I may or may not have spent the weekend maniacally hitting the refresh button on Amazon and Goodreads to check sales and read reviews. Thank you to everyone who purchased the book, read it, and took the time to rate it or leave a review. I … Read More

Boomerang Boyfriend Release/Author Freak Out

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You’d think after six books, I wouldn’t freak out the night before a new release. You would be wrong. Random waves of doubt keep smacking me upside the head. Here’s how an author feels the night before a release in random gifs. “My book is coming out tomorrow. Woo Hoo!” This is quickly followed by, “Is it good enough? What … Read More

Why I Write Romantic Comedies like Boomerang Boyfriend

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People have asked me why I write romantic comedies. It’s simple. I like to make people laugh. I also like to give the books titles which indicate they are comedies. When people see the title Boomerang Boyfriend they should realize that it’s not one of those books where the main character or the main character’s love interest dies from some … Read More

Sunday Funday

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Good Morning. I plan to spend my Sunday sipping coffee on the deck, enjoying the weather with my dogs, and typing like a madwoman while I ignore any and all housework. What are your plans for Sunday Funday?

Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Game of Thrones


I’m a late comer to Game of Thrones. My husband dragged me in last season. Now I’m hooked. Here are some Game of Thrones funnies for Make Me Laugh Wednesday. I hope they make you smile.

Boomerang Boyfriend


Boomerang Boyfriend goes up for pre-order August 21st. I’m super excited to share Delia’s story with you. Here’s an excerpt to tide you over until September 11th.   Jack Friday after school, all I wanted to do was to take a nap and then go hang out at Trevor’s. I was about to doze off in my room when loud … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday


It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday. Here are some relatable posts. I  hope they make you smile.

Summer Bliss Ends…The New School Year Begins


Summer bliss has ended. In my neck of the woods, the new school year begins on Monday. To all those who fight the good fight trying to educate and nurture children here’s a little teaching humor.

Back to the Day Job


      It’s that time of year again. Time to go back to the day job. Don’t get me wrong. I love the kids I work with, but the paperwork and the whole dealing with other adults thing kind of sucks. Over the summer I pretend that I’m a full time author. I sit outside on the deck with … Read More