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  1. Hi, i love the Entangeled Teen series but are you going to write more of them? Are there going to be an book 3?

    Would love to here from you.


    1. Thank you. 🙂 I’m in edits on Book 3 of the shape-shifting dragon series. I don’t have a release date yet.

    1. Not yet. I”m about half way through the first draft. The Boyfriend Bet will be coming out August 22 if you like romantic comedies.

  2. Hi I absolutely am in love with your entangled teen series and am in absolute agony over waiting for book 4 to come out. I greatly enjoyed reading 3. I wonder who Bryn will ultimately find as her life partner

    1. Thank you. I am doing the author happy dance. I’m closing in on the end of book 4 and I still haven’t decided who she’ll end up with. LOL.

  3. Hey, love your dragon series. I was wondering if you know the title your giving it, and when the release date will be?

    1. Thank you. And Book 4 is Fanning the Flames. It should be out around April. I don’t have an exact date yet.

  4. Hey!!
    I’m really interested in your shape-shifting dragon series, and I was wondering if they were christian books because my mother won’t let me read them unless they are.
    I think your an awesome writer and can’t wait to read all your books!

    1. They are clean reads, meaning nothing graphic. There are some curse words and a few kissing scenes, but I’ve had ten year olds read and enjoy them so I think your mom would be okay with the books. She could always read them first to make sure.

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