Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Reader Edition


It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Reader Edition. If you’re a reader you’ll find these amusing. If you’re not, then you should go to the book store because books are fabulous.

Prepping for Penned Con


I’ve spent the last couple of weeks ordering books and swag for Penned Con. Here’s what I’ll have at the conference. If you’re attending Penned Con come see me at table 13 in the Breckenridge Ballroom. I have Bryn balm in assorted flavors. Boomerang Boyfriend pins Dragon necklaces And Going Down In Flames bracelets

Chris Cannon Explains What it’s Like to Write a Book


When you write a book there is that initial stage of euphoria where the ideas just flow. Then you realize that something you just wrote contradicts one of the rules of your universe, and you act accordingly.   After recovering from this set back, you forge ahead sure that you’re heading in the right direction.¬†When you reach the middle of … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday


It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday. Here are some random funnies. I hope they make you smile.

Woo Hoo! & Thank You for Making Boomerang Boyfriend a Best Seller


Woo Hoo! & Thank you to everyone who made Boomerang Boyfriend a best seller! I may or may not have spent the weekend maniacally hitting the refresh button on Amazon and Goodreads to check sales and read reviews. Thank you to everyone who purchased the book, read it, and took the time to rate it or leave a review. I … Read More

Boomerang Boyfriend Release/Author Freak Out

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You’d think after six books, I wouldn’t freak out the night before a new release. You would be wrong. Random waves of doubt keep smacking me upside the head. Here’s how an author feels the night before a release in random gifs. “My book is coming out tomorrow. Woo Hoo!” This is quickly followed by, “Is it good enough? What … Read More

Why I Write Romantic Comedies like Boomerang Boyfriend


People have asked me why I write romantic comedies. It’s simple. I like to make people laugh. I also like to give the books titles which indicate they are comedies. When people see the title Boomerang Boyfriend they should realize that it’s not one of those books where the main character or the main character’s love interest dies from some … Read More