Sad to Leave #BVW17 but Happy to be Home


I’m at home on my comfy couch with a shitzu to my left, a german shepherd beagle to my right and a large blond lab laying on my feet. I’m feeling the puppy love and I’m happy to be home. My experience at the Barbara Vey Reader Weekend #BVW17 was amazing. I met a bunch of new readers and writers. … Read More

#BVW17 Bound


I’m attending the Barbara Vey Reader Appreciation Luncheon  #BVW17  on April 28th. I can’t wait to meet all the readers and authors. Now I just have to overcome my natural introvert tendencies. Most readers and authors seem to be introverts, so putting several hundred of us in a hotel together is always interesting. I plan to fake being an extrovert … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Punny Pups


It’s make me laugh wednesday and this week I’m featuring punny pups. The expressions on the dogs faces are almost funnier than the jokes. Happy Hump Day.

Happy Easter: Cats in Costumes


Happy Easter. For this post I decided to share some pictures of cats wearing Easter costumes. I combed through Pinterest and found dozens of dogs in bunny costumes. Some were happy about their fancy outfits, and some were not. When I Googled cats in costumes there were far fewer options…and none of them looked happy about what they were wearing. … Read More

Make Me Laugh Wednesday: Cat humor


It’s Make Me Laugh Wednesday. Today I’m sharing some cat humor. I’ve been cat sitting for my sister and recently reconnected with the bat-shit craziness which is the feline condition. My sister has three cats. At any given moment one of them will freeze and then scrabble across the floor like the hounds of hell are after him. Cats are weird.

Funny Photos: Easter Dogs


While I don’t dress up my own dogs, I love looking at pictures of dogs wearing Easter costumes. Some of them seem to like the outfits, others not so much. Do you dress your dogs for the holidays?

Happy Coffee Mugs


There are some mugs that make your morning a little brighter. The fact that they contain coffee aka the Elixir of Life makes them special to begin with. But these mugs have a little something extra to make you smile. Post a picture of your favorite mug in the comments, or tell me which one of these you like best … Read More